Most cancers and God’s Retribution

Most cancers and God’s Retribution

It is a horrible approach to die and the physique is ripped aside by the pain yet people proceed to smoke and do the things that trigger it. It’s as if they’re powerless to understand that what they do in life has penalties and the issues worshiped and liked which can be against the Spirit are deadly toxins. Over and once more folks dying of cancer or another terminal illness have their crucifix or holy icons nearby and so they call a priest to make a confession and send them off to heaven.

The mind is conditioned from delivery to ignore the Spirit inside that leads and guides and to comply with their colleagues into evil paths. That is human nature as a result of most are like sheep. They have their clichés to information them comparable to “properly we have to die of something.” It’s like they accept that what they do has no consequences beyond life.

The religions are responsible for this pondering as they put up the false gods and create a world during which the devil works to create pain and misery. They provide individuals false hopes and goals of heaven to credit score their presence. What they do is block the little voice inside which is their pure guide.

My reincarnation and powerful hyperlink to the Spirit of the Universe proves that heaven and hell are myths and faith is the wall of deceit. It commissioned me to tear down that wall and to usher in the harvest at the end. That means delivering those who’ve remained true to the true God while ignoring the false ones.

This is a nice challenge as many cannot think about past what they’re taught and from infants they be taught that religions symbolize God. That is the start of the path to destroy and the way forward is full of hazard as issues like most cancers and different painful illness is retribution for his or her ignorance and promotion of evil.

Is it too late for the sufferer to find the Spirit and be healed? No! it is taking place on a regular basis as miracles heal the bothered once they turn to God with keen want for the truth and with complete acceptance. All it takes is their mental launch from false gods and denial of the images of evil that took them away from the Spirit.